Thursday, May 6, 2010

Front Lawn

We moved in last year at the end of June.  We seeded out the lawn and waited patiently for it to grow. 
It did very well.  This is a new year and I need to address the front walk and the front shrub bed.

This is the front walkway.  This is the way we wanted it left. 
We are thinking of putting in paver in the similar design as what is there now. Just a slight curve in one corner.

This is a view of the front step.

This in front of the kids bedroom. 

This is along the side of the house.  It can get really warm along here.

Isn't this just UGLY!  The well is really high and needs to be hide amongst the flowerbed.

You can see how far the well head comes out from the front set.

This corner would be perfect for a Japanese Maple. 

I stopped into Vankampin's on Tuesday afternoon. 
 I found these beautiful Yew's that would make a great hedge.
At $44.99 each.  This could get a little much. 

I also found these box woods.  They arrange from $29.99 to $44.99 each.

These Spirea's are very full and would add some texture.

This Holly Berry Magic contains both the male and female holly plant in each pot.
They would add some color to an all green shrub bed.
There is always the Bridal Spirea which is always beautiful.
I would like to add some of these to my yard. 

The gentleman that I was talking to said that I could add I high bush blueberry bush
so that the kids could go and pick their own blueberries and it would add some color in the flowerbed.

I love ornimental grass!   Great price and they are big and full.

I found this guy hiding in behind some other plants. 
Another ornimental grass.

This is my front deck. 
I always wanted a front deck that would hold rocking
chairs.  I sit out here and  drink a cup of tea and watch the kids play.

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