Friday, July 2, 2010

Cottage Time!

It is that time of year again to hit the cottage.
 When you think of cottage it could be eclectic, light or nautical.

Wicker furniture.  I think this is a must for every cottage.
It doesn't have to be everywhere - maybe just a hint.

How about a vintage piece. 
You might have something in your basment
that you could paint white.
How about this hutch.  This is a great place
to display your vintage dishes at the cottage

This rocking chair sure is interesting!
Is it made out of birch or grapevine?
I love the blue adirondack chair on it.

Fresh and airy!  This chair looks so inviting. 
I think I could sit down and read a book here.

What about some boat pictures and some wooden
bowls for the cottage feel.  Things taken  from nature.

Here is another great hutch.  It has some wine
glass holders alread installed.  I like the white
washed look to this hutch.

Nautical.... yeppers.  These crisp white sheets and
blue comforter really make this nautical.

How about a little July 4th color scheme.  This
is very country and cottage color scheme.
I like the dark honey colored furniture with the
Red, White and Blue.  It tones it down.
This could be a cottage living room or even an urban living/family
room set up.   Great use of nautical feel.  Check ou the cushion with
the anchors. 

How about something neutral? This has a bit of a masculine feel.
Do you remember the coffee table that I mentioned that I would like
to have in my living room?  Do you see it in this picture.  There it is!
I may just need to take a drive up to Maskoka Country! ROAD TRIP!

How about this white bedroom set?  This is very pretty.

Lime green!  One of my favorite colors. Ther is plaid to make it cottagy
looking, the little bit of wicker.  How about that coffee table.  AWSOME!
I also love the braided rug.

Here is another nautical feeling room.  This coffee table was also
one that I chose to have in my livingroom.  It is a map table.
I will need to take a U-Haul trailer with me when I go to

Quilts - what can I say.  I am an adict.  I am also a quilter.
I love the use of color and pattern.

Another nautical feeling room.  The use of sailboats
 on the wall and the pillows - brings it all together.
Navy, yellow and white.  What a beautiful combination!

Here is another room of red white and blue. 
That quilt of plaids, and strips on the wonderful
4 poster bed is great.  I also like the use of the
stripped bedskirt and the rug at the bedside that
has the dog on a dingy.

Here is the use of lime green again!  amazing!
I would like to have that art work in my house.

This couch was in a previous picture, but here it is again with the
matching chair that was picture in the above picture.  This cottage
looking table looks great with the white washed chair and side tables.
What about this lime green lamps.  Great fine.  I also like the corner
cabinet that is white washed.

How about the kids room?  Here is a set of bunk beds
for their room, with some more nautical pictures
and port hole mirrors.

More lime green!  Stripes, flowers and solids.

Is this not the cutest chair you have ever seen?

More green.  This corner cabinet is pretty darn

How about that side table too. 

Wicker and blue and white!  Makes you want
to curl up under an umbrella and read!

You can give this to your partner to read from.
I call shotgun on the lounger!

Pale blue gray.  What a clean looking couch
and chair.  I like the use of white side tables
and coffee table.  I think I might put a larger
coffee table there to hold those beautiful

Hope you enjoyed our trip to the cottage!
Now I am off to place my road trip! 


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