Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jan 13 2009

Designer Decor

I have finally decided on a name for my design business. It is called "Designer Decor" and our slogan is "Designed For Living". I think it is pretty catchy. I have also made up these free business cards from Vistaprint canada. They should be coming in the mail soon. I downloaded the card and printed some off for my self to give out now. I really like them.

Sarah's Kitchen

I am working with a friend to help her renovate her kitchen. She has tried to do some modifications herself over the last nubmer of years, and has done a good job, but I think really this kitchen needs to be gutted and replaced with something the is more functional.

We are going to be taking our and existing pantry/closet and replacing it with working counter space. We are going to try and keep our costs down by keeping the existing layout in the kitchen. It is 108"x84"x87" (this is U shaped). I would love to put an island her but just not enough space.

I am currently getting prices form various businesses around town. I should have some more quotes back soon.

We are also redesigning her main floor bathroom. Replacing windows over the kitchen sink, in the eating area, main floor bathroom and replacing the front door entrance and back door leading into the kitchen.

Her is the door we are looking for. It was in the October 2009 issue of This Old House. It is made by Jeld-wen. But do you think we can find it? Nope.

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