Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Christmas Day has come and gone. It seems we have so much hype getting ready for Christmas that it leaves us with such a lull during the next few months. Well, we can always read more blogs and get inspired for spring. There are a few things that I am going to be doing this winter.

When we moved to our new home in June we only took our furniture that we had in our duplex and put it in the house. We also had a 52' tractor trailer full of furniture. I can not believe we have so much stuff. I am ashamed to show anyone our basement. We are going to be finishing it this winter, starting Jan 1. LOL... I need to go thru what furniture we are going to keep and what we need to sell. The money from the sale of furniture will go to pay for either electrical, plumbing or drywall. There is a mountain of stuff (Holy Moley) that I don't even recall what is there anymore..... guess I didn't really need it that bad. It would be great if we had a cottage - this furniture would be perfect. I do recall a few items. there are at least 2 beds, a double and a queen, all my fabric storage units (for quilt fabric), 2 couches, a corner hutch, some tables, 2 white bookcases, a dinning set, a old school house desk, 2-3 rocking chairs, and all my china.
Man that is going to be tough working around that.. We may need to rent some space while construction happens. My husband and father-in-law will be working on this.

The plan for the basement includes a storage area for storage bins, a table for crafts and cards, a full bath, a guest bedroom, a family TV area, since we do not have a TV in our main living area, and a quilting corner. It will be open concept and the will add another 1500 square feet of living area. We have radiant heat thru out the rest of the house with hard wood floor. We will be putting carpet in the basement which will make a feel great with the warmth from the in floor heat coming up from the bottom.

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