Friday, April 30, 2010


Details Details!
This bookcase shows some coastal themed items.  I like the detail above the mantle that is the same as the details on the wall on the right side or the picture.  This consistency makes allows you to flow from one room to another.
The bead board and the scalloped edge on the top of the bookcase - amazing!
The glass containers that hold shells and the large Cong (not sure of spelling) shells displayed in the bookcase along with the beach pictures and the light colors make this work.
What a great way to use behind your bed.  No side tables required.
Here is another bookcase headboard. Did you notice the grates in behind the pillows?  I am not exactly sure what they would be used for.  Also this bed is surrounded by sheer curtains. 
Details of this vanity. 
The tile floor
The cabinet feet.
The glass knobs
The door panel fronts
The custom counter top
The glass jars
The soap, q tips and cotton balls in the jars
The burst of color from the red flowers
The matching mirrors.
I would like this in my house!

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  1. The last image is like the perfect classic bathroom, isnt it? I love it!
    I just had a custom built-in cabinet installed this weekend in my livingroom. I had a closet replaced with this new unit. Your post made me smile thinking hey this is exactly what I am doing and I cant wait to accessorize the shelves.