Monday, April 5, 2010

Bedroom makeover update

I have not been on for a little bit so I thought I would update you with Spare Bedroom Makeover.
I have been busy picking up some accessories and getting everything lined up for the bedroom.
Here is what I have completed
- paint walls to Thousand Island - Benjamin Moore
- removed old light fixtures - 1 ceiling, 1 vanity and 1 windowseat light
- remove old closet knobs - changed from brass to glass
- remove old vanity knobs. - changed from brass to glass
- removed vanity counter top- from teal green to neutral beige.
- purchased fabric for headboard, window seat cushions, windows, bedskirt and antique chair.
- the chair has been come back from upholster already.

Check ou the pictures below of the updates
the room looks so different with the new paint.
vanity top removed and the new one is waiting to go up.
These are the glass knobs that I installed on the closet doors.

chair before

chair after

1 comment:

  1. It's looking good, bye bye pink hello neutral. Love the knobs, seen those before always loved them. The chair looks so much better.

    This is my first visit to your site, I didnt know you had one. The layout and theme look vaguely familiar :)

    I thought about the banding but I don't think it really suits my house. Thank you for the link. The other thing is my draperies are linen and if they wrecked them once I think they'll do it again... when cleaning time rolls around. Still kind of holding out on the blue. But I do love white... ahh maybe have to sleep on it a bit longer.
    cheers, have a good time in Cuba.