Friday, March 5, 2010

More House Building pictures

Here are some more pictures of the house.

 Finally some grading done

The front of the house

My husband is shingling the house. No he is not a carpenter.  We were trying to save money by doing it ourselves. He really enjoyed it.  It was his bonding time with the house.

This is the backyard.   We were looking for privacy.

The back side of the house
The deck is finally finished.  Took 3 weeks to complete. LOL
This is the side lot.  We wanted to keep as many trees as we could to 
crate privacy for us and our neighbours.

Still lost of shingling to do! 

The finished front section by the kids bedrooms

The Garage

  It took me a long time to find this door.  I saw it on another older house and I wanted it.   I tried and tried and finally found it.

My pretty fake window.  The glass and muttins are still missing here. 
I did this to let more light into the basement staircase.


Livingroom fireplace without the mantle


 My counters.  We were working with a budget for this house.  I did not want to spend money getting stone counter tops - not just yet - so I opted for a laminate with wood trim.

It is beautiful.  I still think somedays that it is actually stone.

The kitchen island - space for benches

Laundry room

 My 6 year old daughters room  - She picked the colors.

Isaac's Bedroom (my 7 year old son)

My linen closet 

Master Bedroom
My closet.  All to myself - Yeh!!!
Master Bathroom. 
My husband making his way around the house.  Still the sides and the back to do yet.
We wondered what could we do to hid the fireplace vent.  We came up with the idea to paint it.  So it would blend it.  I think it looks good.


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