Monday, March 22, 2010

More Inspiring Bedrooms

My parents went on vacation, and you know what that means!
Reno Time!
Yes, last year when they went away, I did a facelift on their master bedroom.  So, this year
I have decided that I would redo my old bedroom, which has become the kids bedroom when they stay for the night.
I was looking at some bedroom picture to get some inspiration.  Here are a few I thought I would share.

This is a lovely looking room. I like the fabric headboard, the pillows and the dovet at the bottom of the bed.
What is interesting is the feature wall that is covered with a wonderful wallpaper.
What really catches your eye is the purple rug on the floor.

This room looks like something out of a hotel.
Did you notice the blue ceiling?
I have noticed there are painted ceiling showing up.  This is another one of those.

This is a cheery attic bedroom.  There are some great girly patterns in this room. 
 I love the trusses that create and open feeling.

 So this past week-end I went and took some before pictures 
I also did some prep for painting, which might start tomorrow.

And some prep work done.

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  1. Hi Kelly,

    Yes that room needs a makeover... I can't wait to see what you do with it. This is funny but the feature wallpaper in that room is the same as I have on my headboard feature wall though my bedroom is half the size :)