Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend finds!

I am constantly looking at pictures of houses.  Here are a few that I have downloaded this weekend onto my iPhone.  (I love my phone)

look at that Island!

How about that great use of yellow in this living room.
Did you happen to notice the number of urns in this room.....
I also like the curved edges of the area rug.   It is not completely round
or square.  I love not having corners.

Another room with yellow.  I think I was feeling spring like on the weekend.

I saw pictures of this laundry room and thought... how cool!

The dryer is mounted to the wall.  It took me a minutes to find it.
I don't think I have ever seen that before.

Another awesome kitchen.  Look at the height of the ceiling...I would definitely need a step ladder to get to the top of those cabinets.   I also really like the lights over the island.

Big Islands are in.  A good cutting board is essential in a kitchen and this built in one in the island
is wonderful.

A modern bathroom.  I like the stone work. Not a big fan of modern, but some of it is growing on me.

Cottage feel in the dinning room.

Home office with a great light and storage space.

Have a spectacular day!

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